In short, long tail SEO is the act of targeting very specific niche searchable terms or keywords. They usually comprise of three words plus, and due to their low competition, are much easier to rank.

Although this SEO technique is obscure, it is a very powerful technique when attempting to increase organic search traffic for your business. For the most part, people use the first words that come to them and the obvious choices, which in turn are the most competitive. There have been numerous studies in the SEO world which suggest that compared to “top” keywords, long-tail keywords bring in more combined traffic, are easier to rank for and convert more visitors per customer. What’s not to like?

Virtually every product has a market, regardless of how small it may be. By using a long-tail SEO strategy, you can get your website in front of a more specific audience. This strategy can then be repeated and implemented for every product you wish to promote. To be successful it is important to not only use top keywords, but also generic keywords to build your long-tale strategy for your various products. Make sure to get a website report and analyse it to see how these keywords begin to appear so you can make any necessary changes accordingly.

Amazon is a prime example of a company that uses long-tailed keywords to its advantage and to boost sales. As Amazon is the number one shopping site in the world, it has a huge catalogue of products and various departments. Amazon include long-tailed keywords on their products so that even if you are in a completely different department, you can still find a product you are looking for with ease.

This marketing strategy is perfect for when you want a specific product by an obscure company, as Amazon will sell a few of these specific products, but will sell thousands of a similar kind of product with its long-tail strategy.

How to Identify a Strong Long-Tailed Keyword

  1. Look at your competition. Starting off can sometimes be the most difficult thing, so, by looking at your competition and finding out what long-tail keywords they are using already will give you a strong groundwork to begin with. You can find this out by using online keyword density checking tools, a general scan of the website or, slightly more complicated, viewing the meta tags in the source code (this can be done by clicking F12 in your browser.
  2. Once you have decided upon your potential long-tail keywords, you need to assess the search volume for each one so as you can focus on the ones that are more relevant.
  3. Not all long-tail keywords can be used to generate informative high quality content, even if they have a decent search volume. A good proportion of them are going to be extremely specific, sometimes forming the basis of no more than a single blog-post. You will need to get your creative juices flowing here, creating keyword sets that can work in conjunction with each other to be properly targeted within your content.
  4. When creating your long-tail keywords, try to get inside the head of the average person searching your product, and think how they would search for something rather than what you believe to be technically right. It is for this reason that long-tail keywords are usually grammatically or syntactically incorrect.
  5. When creating your content, you will need to be cunning when incorporating the long-tail keywords in your sentences. Sometimes your sentence may not make sense when trying to include your chosen keywords, so, to counter this, simply change some of the sentence structure or grammar until you have an equal balance of the keyword being incorporated and more importantly, the sentence making sense. This is a timely process and is a skill within itself; persistence is the key.

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