FIFTH Harmony were targeted by a hacker on Saturday, who took over their website and posted a shocking message about ISIS.

The band’s homepage was replaced by an image of the Kurdish flag. Underneath the flag, the hacker wrote: ‘Kurdish hacker was here… Long live to Kurdistan;’ followed by: ‘F**k ISIS… F**k Turkey.’

Fans who were left shocked, quickly became aware of the hacking and took to the band’s official social media accounts in a bid to get the message removed.

The singers appeared unaware of the drama as they posed for pictures at the 2017 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

The band’s team eventually managed to regain control of the site (built on CMS platform WordPress) and the message was taken down within a few hours, however many fans who noticed the hack shared online screenshots of the shocking message.

It’s very strange that an anti-ISIS supporter would attack a Fifth Harmony website to share their message, however this again highlights the vital importance of website security as even a world-renowned girl group like Fifth Harmony, have fallen victim to hackers.

Getting hacked is just about the worst thing that can happen to a professional website. With the proper security and maintenance measures in place, WordPress can greatly reduce your chances of being hacked.

But how can you be sure given the hack on Fifth Harmony’s website?

Well, with best practices in place your hosts can monitor your WordPress site 24/7. This gives not only peace of mind but time to focus on more important tasks within your business. Alongside the consistent monitoring of the site, your hosts should also have a step-by-step mitigation process to ensure that in the result of a hack, your issue will be resolved promptly and accurately.

If you are looking to put the correct security measures in place for your website, get in touch today and we can run a free security scan over your site.

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